University of Ottawa student uses holidays to deliver aid to Yemeni refugee camp

While many university students headed home for the holidays, a biomedical science student from the University of Ottawa decided to use her time to travel thousands of kilometres away to deliver aid to Yemeni refugees at a camp in Djibouti. Before her trip, Zein Ahmed raised $10,000 — mostly through an online campaign — and she credits the generosity of strangers for the campaign’s success. “We only had a short period of time to do this,” said Ahmed during an interview just before leaving Ottawa. “It just shows how the Ottawa community has such a big heart.” Yemeni initiative

Who is a chaste woman in the Land of Sheba?

“The chaste woman is a woman which protects her virginity. She walks close to the wall in the street looking down and not making eye contact with other men. She doesn’t raise her voice because men should not hear her voice. She doesn’t wear something attractive to seduce men. She doesn’t wear perfume because it is forbidden. If a man smells her perfume it is as if she committed adultery with him. A woman’s place is at home to take care of the family and make her husband happy.” Source

Book Signing at the Sharjah Book Fair Nov 5, 2015

I’ll be attending the Sharjah Book Fair which runs in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Nov 5 to 12, where I look forward to the opportunity to sign my books at section 1129, which is the Jumaira Publishing stall. Here is a link to a full article about this event where Glenn Greenwald will be honoured with the “Best International Non-Fiction Book Award” for his book “No Place To Hide”, published by Macmillan Publishers. – See more at:  

Message to Aylan Kurdi

Message to Aylan Kurdi I know that millions have shed their tears And others expressed their morbid fears That the powers that be, do not really care About those who starve, or those who run About those who die by the sword or the gun Whose flesh is shredded by the stealthy drones When wedding songs turn suddenly to groans Then the wedding cake is served at the wake While they just repeat: it was just a mistake! And the rich and mighty, their shock they fake Was it ever a mistake that you should drown? When you, your brother, your mum and dad Had to run for your lives and leave your town And part with all for dinghy space To escape to Canada, or other place In search of a home with a strong roof above To rest your heavy head, surrounded by love To wake up next…

Meet Qais Ghanem, Author of Forbidden Love in the Land of Sheba and other stories

  I am blessed with the rare experience of having lived within two very contrasting cultures, and with speaking two major languages with complete fluency. I therefore decided to write in English to expose what goes on in the Arab Muslim Middle East, pointing out the stark contrasts in the structure and behaviour of the two societies.   Read More

Review of My Arab Spring My Canada by Roy MacGregor

“In My Arab Spring, My Canada, authors Qais Ghanem and Elie M. Nasrallah have given this country, their country, a valuable gift. This book — co-authored by a Muslim and a Christian, both of Arab descent, both proud Canadians — is a pocket guide for those who come from the Middle East as well as a useful reference for those already here. Nasrallah has roots that go all the way back to the Titanic, so these are hardly starry-eyed or discouraged newcomers. They examine immigration from earliest days to today and they look to the future with great optimism.” Roy MacGregor, author of Canadians: A Portrait of a Country and Its People