Message to Aylan Kurdi

Capture Aylan Kurdi
Message to Aylan Kurdi

I know that millions have shed their tears
And others expressed their morbid fears
That the powers that be, do not really care
About those who starve, or those who run
About those who die by the sword or the gun
Whose flesh is shredded by the stealthy drones
When wedding songs turn suddenly to groans
Then the wedding cake is served at the wake
While they just repeat: it was just a mistake!
And the rich and mighty, their shock they fake

Was it ever a mistake that you should drown?
When you, your brother, your mum and dad
Had to run for your lives and leave your town
And part with all for dinghy space
To escape to Canada, or other place
In search of a home with a strong roof above
To rest your heavy head, surrounded by love
To wake up next day to laugh and play
And fight with Ghalib like brothers do
And paint with crayons, red, green and blue.

But it was no mistake, my little innocent friend!
When life is at stake, are we not supposed to bend
Those rules of immigration, and shelve that book
With eyes and heart, of compassion to look
At the plight of Reihana and her little boys
Deprived of shelter, water, and toys
Wherever they come from, whichever be their town
Whatever their colour, black, white or brown

But millions of tears were shed in your name
When the world saw your tiny floating frame
And the name of Aylan, will never be the same
Face down in the water, with your lungs full of salt
Your little nostrils plugged up with sand
Because people in this world, both here and around
Where farms and rivers and lakes surround
Where tons of food in garbage bins are found
Where water and nectar and wine abound
Did not want your kind to share their land!

Qais Ghanem, Ottawa, Canada

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