My Arab Spring My Canada

A book by Arab Canadians about Arab Canadians written for Arab Canadians, as well as Canadians at large, describing the current situation of immigration into Canada, and speculating on how the Arab Spring might influence the place and role of future generations of Arab Canadians in Canadian society. (co-author: Elie Nasrallah)

"The book is well-organized and full of interesting factoids about Canadian immigration, both in general terms and specifically with regard to the Arab Diaspora. An essential guide for Arab-Canadians and a fascinating resource for anyone interested in the dynamics of immigration and assimilation."
- Kirkus Independent Book Reviews

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Qais Ghanem was born in Aden, at the time a British colony, now part of Yemen. He has lived in Britain, USA, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, and moved to Canada 45 years ago. He dedicates much of his time to human rights and gender equality, and his novels, based on real or imaginary events in Yemen, are all about gender equality and human rights for all.