From Left to Right
من اليمين الى اليسار

This is a unique book of poetry, because it is the only book I know which has poems in both English and Arabic - and these are not translations of each other. The poems are about love, life and suffering.

"...the range is diverse from poems about his wife and grandchildren to justice for the oppressed, depleted uranium, war and peace, co-existence amongst religions and gender equality...."  

- Joy from Goodreads

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Review of the Arabic section, by poet Essam Adi, Ottawa, Canada

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Qais Ghanem was born in Aden, at the time a British colony, now part of Yemen. He has lived in Britain, USA, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, and moved to Canada 45 years ago. He dedicates much of his time to human rights and gender equality, and his novels, based on real or imaginary events in Yemen, are all about gender equality and human rights for all.