President, Canadian Authors Association - NCR.
Qais Ghanem was born in Aden, at the time a British colony, now part of Yemen. He has lived in Britain, USA, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, and moved to Canada 40 years ago.

He went to Edinburgh University, where he graduated in medicine. He later trained in public health and later specialized in neurology and was elected president of the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists for 3 years.

He retired from medicine 4 years ago, and took up writing. His first novel is FINAL FLIGHT FROM SANAA. This was followed by TWO BOYS FROM ADEN COLLEGE, the name of the high school he attended, and the latest is FORBIDDEN LOVE IN THE LAND OF SHEBA, and ancient name of the region of Yemen and the horn of Africa. He published his collection of his poems in a book, which is unique in that it combines Arabic and English poems which are not translations of each other. He co-authored a non-fiction book called MY ARAB SPRING MY CANADA.

He dedicates much of his time to human rights and gender equality, and his novels, based on real or imaginary events in Yemen, are all about gender equality. He is frequently invited to speak on these issues.

He initiated a radio show 7 years ago called "Dialogue with Diversity", which won 4 national awards. He received a total of 10 awards, the most recent of which have been the Martin Luther King Citation for 2015, and the most prestigious being the 2015 Order of Ottawa Medal in recognition of outstanding leadership and meritorious service to the City of Ottawa.

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