Forbidden Love in the Land of Sheba

15 year old Hana has a crush on her 20 years old cousin Farook. However, he leaves to study medicine in Scotland. Her parents force her to marry another cousin, twice her age, a fat abusive chauvinistic brute. Ten years later, she has no children, and sinks into depression. Farook returns to Sanaa to set up an eye clinic next door.
She attempts suicide with sleeping pills, but Farook rushes over with his Indian nurse, with a gastric pump and rescues her. During follow up visits, the embers of her teenage love are reignited, and she declares her love to Farook, who learns about Gihad's brutality. She also confides stories about the involvement of her husband, and his brother Hamed, in arms sales, gang rapes and murder for organ harvesting from female medical students.

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Qais Ghanem was born in Aden, at the time a British colony, now part of Yemen. He has lived in Britain, USA, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, and moved to Canada 45 years ago. He dedicates much of his time to human rights and gender equality, and his novels, based on real or imaginary events in Yemen, are all about gender equality and human rights for all.